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ICTF17 Invited Talks

Invite ID Title Authors
IT-04 Growth defects in PVD hard coatings M. ÄŒekada
IT-05 Evolutionary Design, Deposition and Characterization Techniques for Interference Optical Thin Film Multilayer Coatings and Devices N. K. Sahoo
IT-12 Studies on in-situ sulfurization of Copper Zinc Tin (CZT) thin films prepared by reactive DC Magnetron sputtering A. Subrahmanyam
IT-17 Funcational Nanostructured Materials by Physical Vapor Deposition for Gas Sensing and Energy Storage Applications Ramesh Chandra
IT-19 Phase control in reactive magnetron deposited TaN and TaON thin films Nikola Radić
IT-27 Tailoring epitaxial strain adaption in FeRh films: From nanotwins to magnetic nanostructures R. Witte
IT-33 Tuning magnetic properties of manganites using strain and microstructured patterns Amlan Biswas
IT-35 Landau Level Engineering in Graphene Phil Cohen
IT-40 Ultra-thin tungsten oxide Langmuir-Blodgett films as blocking layer for Organic Solar Cells: Electrochemical Characterization Vibha Saxena
IT-41 Towards the formation of the Al9Ir2 phase as surface compound J. Ledieu
IT-42 Molecular Thin Films templated on Quasicrystalline Surfaces V. Fournée
IT-54 Nanocatalyst-decorated hybrid materials surfaces M. M. Chehimi
IT-55 Visualization and analysis of carrier transport in organic semiconductor thin films T. Manaka
IT-62 Perfect Absorbers Structured by Glancing Angle Deposition – Applications to Sensing, Optical Elements, and Microfluidics – Motofumi Suzuki
IT-70 Terahertz spectroscopy of complex oxides thin film D. S. Rana

Corporate Members: