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Oral Presentation

S No. Abstract ID Presenter Name Abstract Title (ORAL) Oral ID
A:Thin film metrology: precision measurement/ characterization methods of the thin films for thickness surface, structure, etc.
58 455 Josef Sepitka Nanomechanical Characterization of Titanium Alloy Modified by Nitrogen Ion Implantation at an Elevated Temperature O2-A2
81 612 R B Tokas Effect of Oxygen Partial Pressure on Indentation Modulus and Surface Morphology of Reactive Electron Beam Deposited ZrO2Al2O3MgO Composite Thin Films O4-A4
92 661 Naveen A Surface roughness study of nanostructured Alumina /Tungsten (Al2O3/W) Coatings developed by Co- Sputtering technique O5-A5
B:New approaches for thin film growth and characterization
5 36 Dr. (Ms.) Debarati Bhattacharya Mechanical properties of glassy Ni-Zr alloy thin films due to thermal annealing O7-B1
6 45 Prof. O. S. Panwar Graphene synthesized using filtered cathodic vacuum arc technique and its applications O8-B2
7 86 Prof.AlirezaMoshfegh A Morphological Study on Oriented Anatase TiO2 Nanostructured Thin Films on Ti Substrate O9-B3
24 281 Mansi Sharma Sub-nano crystalline silicon Thin Films O10-B4
35 321 Ravi Kumar Anisotropic Distribution of Dislocations Density in Tensile Strained GaP/GaAsEpilayers O11-B5
39 339 Biplab Paul Growth of CaxCoO2 Thin Films by Phase Transformation From CaO-CoO Thin Films Deposited by Rf-Magnetron Reactive Cosputtering O12-B6
61 500 Sandhya Patel Design of superconducting thin film characterization system with microwave O14-B8
536 V. Yu. Kolosov TEM of transrotational crystals in PZT films with 10% La O15-B9
70 557 Inyalot Jude Tadeo Synthesis, Characterization and Humidity Sensing of V2O5 Thin Films by Ultrasonic Nebulized Spray Pyrolysis of Aqueous Combustion Mixture O16-B10
73 576 Dr.MukeshJewariya Terahertz Spectroscopic Study of Cerium Oxide Thin Film O17-B11
558 Kumar Amit Corrosive Behaviour of AZO Thin Films Under Different Chemical Conditions O18-B12
77 592 MuhammedSabeer N.A Enhancement of Thermoelectric Power Factor of Sn3N4 Thin Film by Preferred Orientation O19-B13
82 613 Abhilash Bajpai Production of graphene oxide on polymers by atmospheric pressure plasma jet O20-B14
86 631 Ravi Kant Tripathi Study on filtered and unfiltered deposition of amorphous carbon nanocrystalline thin films O21-B15
C: Thin film growth mechanism and models
8 136 Nidhi Pandey Role of Target size on Phase Formation of Co-N Phases in Reactive Magnetron Sputtering O20-C1
D: Plasma-surface interactions for thin film engineering
E: Thin film multilayer and superlattices
15 70 Dr.Kavita Sharma L10 Ordering Enhancement by Alloying Ternary Element in FePt Multilayer O24-E1
26 290 ZainebHussain Study of patterned Fe/Pt multilayers O25-E2
54 439 Asha Yadav Persistent photoconductivity and space charge limited conduction in a-Si:H/nc-Si:H: Role of interface states O26-E3
87 640 Shibin Krishna Epitaxial growth of GaN/AlN Double Heterostructures by Plasma-Assisted Molecular Beam Epitaxy O27-E4
F: Nanostructured composite, multi-component & architecturally designed coatings
16 101 Ivan S. Merenkov Luminescent and cytotoxicity properties of h-BN nanowalls obtained by PECVD at low temperature O28-F1
18 118 Deepanjana Adak Non lithographic block copolymer directed patterning of transparent TiO2 Films for self-cleaning coatings on solar glass covers O29-F2
32 315 Asma Ben Sghaier Dye diazonium-modified multiwalled carbon nanotubes: light harvesters for elastomeric optothermal actuators O30-F3
46 385 ShekharTyagi Controlled Strain induced Self-Assembled Growth of Nano structures in Heteroepitaxial thin films O31-F4
98 745 Dr Nagaraj A Liquid gadolinium corrosion study of TaC coating on tantalum O34-F7
G: Semiconductor, dielectric, ferroelectric & piezoelectric thin films
2 13 KavindraKandpal Effect of Thickness on the Properties of ZnO Thin Films Prepared by RF Sputtering O35-G1
9 145 Deepika Chaudhary Study of ambipolar diffusion length in micro/nano-crystalline silicon films grown using 27.12 MHz assisted PECVD process O36-G2
23 267 P.V. Bhuvaneswari Influence of substrate temperature on Copper Bismuth Sulfide Thin Films Deposited by Electron Beam Evaporation Method O38-G4
28 306 Dr.Manoranjan Ghosh Fabrication of Contact and Surface Passivation on Germanium using Amorphous Hydrogenated Ge/Si thin films O40-G6
31 312 Anita Pilipodi Best Thin films with switchable conductivity: About the production of Vanadium Oxide thin films applying CVD technique O41-G7
48 397 Sarmistha Das Probing Low Energy Dynamics In Charge-Ordered NdNiO3 By Terahertz Time Domain Spectroscopy O42-G8
50 411 Prashant Singh Structural and Electrical characteristics of TiO2 Film deposited by Plasma Enhanced Atomic Layer Deposition and RF Sputtering O43-G9
97 308 SuchetaJuneja Boron induced crystallization in silicon thin films using VHF-PECVD process O47-G13
H: Organic & carbon based thin films
3 18 Ms Revati Rani Tribological Properties of Ultrananocrystalline Diamond Nanowire Thin Film: Influence of Sliding Ball Counterbodies O49-H1
22 245 Meetu Bharti Improved thermoelectric performance of PEDOT:PSS films through organic solvents O51-H3
29 310 Amarnath Bheemaraju Synthesis of graphene oxide for water purification O52-H4
62 505 Himal Bhatt Low temperature IR spectroscopy of Graphene O53-H5
I: Magnetic, superconducting and multiferroic thin films
10 69 Dr.HimaniKhanduri Magnetic and Structural Studies of MnAl Thin Films Irradiated by H+ O54-I1
14 150 Dr. Edward PrabuAmaladass Anomalous transport properties in Nb/Bi1.95Sb0.05Se3 hybrid structure O55-I2
34 318 Anjali Panchwanee Growth and characterization of epitaxial GdFeO3 thin films O57-I4
36 323 Gyanendra Panchal Effect of ferroelectric BaTiO3 substrate induced strain on magnetic and transport properties of La0.7Sr0.3MnO3 thin film O58-I5
57 452 AshutoshRathi Large low-field magnetodielectric response in multiferroic Bi2NiMnO6 thin film O59-I6
65 525 Girija Shankar Papanai Analysis of Shot Noise in SNS junctions in the diffusive regime
67 531 NasrinBanu Room temperature ion irradiation induced amorphization and recrystallization in Si substrate in a Si/Ni/Si trilayer system O61-I8
83 616 SafiulAlamMollick Strong uniaxial magnetic anisotropy in conformally grown Co films on ion-beam patterned Ge surfaces O62-I9
J-16 Thin films for optoelectronics, nanoelectronics and spintronics
20 179 SaloniChaurasia High Quality Epitaxial Germanium on Si (111) using two step annealing O63-J1
25 287 Kalpana Agrawal Vertical Organic Triode in Bidirectional Mode O64-J2
33 316 Neha Aggarwal Dislocation Mediated Growth of GaNNanoflowers by PAMBE O65-J3
43 368 PrashantTyagi Laser Molecular Beam Epitaxy and Properties of AlGaNNanowall Networks on c-plane Sapphire O66-J4
45 383 N .V.S.S. Seshagiri Rao Comparative study of magnetization reversal process in anisotropic CoFe elliptical and rectangular nanomagnets O67-J5
47 396 Saood Ahmad Electrical detection of spin Hall voltage in FeSi3%/Pt bilayer thin film using ferromagnetic resonance technique at microwave frequency O68-J6
51 421 Alka Sharma Plasmonically augmented broad spectral photodetection in metamaterials based CdS thin film heterostructure O69-J7
60 483 Abhilasha Singh Material Preparation and Device Fabrication using 2D MoS2 Nanoflakes O70-J8
64 523 Rakshitha Amorphous Silicon for Photonics Integrated Circuit O71-J9
68 548 Monu Mishra Influence of ambient oxidation on electronic structure of epitaxial GaN films O72-J10
78 597 SujitkumarBontapalle Jain Electric field induced increase in work function of PEDOT: PSS thin films for efficient optoelectronic device O73-J11
79 599 Arijit Sarkar Silicon Based Flexible UV-visible Photodetector with Enhanced Photoresponse Utilizing Piezo-phototronic Effect O74-J12
85 626 Akanksha Singh Synthesis and Characterization of Nano-Crystalline InP Thin Films using a Novel Source of Phosphorus: Triphenylphosphine O75-J13
88 644 M. Senthamizhselvi Influence of solute concentration on the properties of sol gel spin coated nano structured Zinc Oxide thin films O76-J14
90 656 Dr. M. S. Siddiqui Deposition and characterization of ITO thin film over glass for defogger application O77-J15
95 699 Umesh Rizal The Raman and Photoluminescence study of CVD grown Gallium Nitride Nanowires O78-J16
K: Thin film solar cells: inorganic, organic, perovskites etc.
17 114 A.C. Badgujar Cu(In,Ga)Se2 thin film absorber layer by flash light post-treatment O79-K1
40 342 Praveen Kumar Jain Investigation of Photocurrent Efficiency of ZnO/CdTe based Inorganic Thin Film Solar Cell O81-K3
53 436 Mohan Patel Area Dependent Analysis of CdS and CdSe Quantum Dot-Sensitized Solar Cells with Quantum Dots Prepared by Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction O84-K6
59 460 Rajesh Kumar Jha Simulation of Solar Cell Using Hfo2 as a Passivation Layer in SilvacoTcad Tool O85-K7
71 558 Kumar Amit Corrosive Behaviour of AZO Thin Films Under Different Chemical Conditions O86-K8
76 586 Parul Chawla Organically-Capped & Solution Route Processed Thin-Films of CIGSSe- A Potential Multicomponent Thin-Film Chalcogenide O87-K9
89 648 Akash Singh Interaction of Humidity and Polar Molecules with Mixed CationPerovskite for High Efficiency Solar Cells: Materials and Device Study O88-K10
96 739 Anand Prakash Saini Numerical simulation of Reduced Cerium Oxide with polaron transport mobility based ETL for stable and efficient Perovskite Solar Cells O89-K11
L: Thin film sensors & actuators
41 343 Navdeep Kaur Diazonium chemistry for making highly selective and sensitive CNT-dye hybrid-based chemiresistive acetone sensors O90-L1
84 623 AnjuYadav Ammonia Gas Sensor based on Nanostructured Thin Film of PANI-DBSA O91-L2
M: Industrial thin film coatings & applications
37 333 K Vijay Reddy Analysis of Deformation Behaviour of Al-Ni-Co Thin Film during Nanoindentation: A Molecular Dynamics Study O92-M1
56 448 Kulwant Singh Development of coating on the surface of RAFMS substrate using Hot Dip Aluminization and Heat Treatment O93-M2
80 605 Srinivasa Rao Nelamarri Investigation of charge storage characteristics of Au nanocrystals stacked between HfO2 thin films for non-volatile memory applications O94-M3
N: Thin films and surfaces for biomedical applications
13 158 Karthik Silver Doped Zirconium oxide Coated Titanium Substrate using DC Magnetron Sputtering for Implant Application O95-N1
30 311 Bhausaheb B. Sole Preparation of Breathable Antibacterial Thin Film for Medical Applications O96-N2
P: Thin film instrumentation
21 192 K. Jeyadheepan Development of Automated Nebulizer Spray Pyrolysis Setup for Chemical Vapor Deposition-like Growth of Oxide Thin Films O97-P1
100 758 S. P. Dey Development of an in-situ maneuverable optics window with high vacuum boundary O98-P2

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